Private 161 - Rita FALTOYANO, Claudia RICCI & Katja LOVE

  • Swedish backissue porno Magazine PRIVATE edited by Berth MILTON.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete (also the POSTER) - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Pornstar Rita FALTOYANO XXX (21 pages) - Pornostar Claudia RICCI Hardcore (22 pages) - SexStar Katja LOVE & Martina MERCEDES (20 pages of Porno Pics) - MOLINA Fucked by Black Guy (20 pages of Porno Pics) - Pornostar Krisztina SEBIANY (16 pages of sex pictures) - ...

rita faltoyano porn star

Date : 1990s
Producer : Private

Private 161 - Rita FALTOYANO, Claudia RICCI & Katja LOVE


Claudia is working late on her birthday, she tells us Sometimes its heavy-going working overtime, even for an executive like me. And whats more, its my birthday. Im just 18. This is the day that people usually give me presents I don't like, but I have a feeling therell be one present that Im really going to like. One that I shall receive with a lot of pleasure! Martina goes to the doctors for an injection of sperm, Molina is The Carnival Queen and Rita Faltoyano is the Snake Charmer.

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