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Susie SPARKS filmography

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Introducing Susie Sparks
My Dinner with Susie
Breast Worx #1
Ten Years of Big Breasts #3
Smothering Tits #1
Smothering Tits #2
Best Of Breasts #2
Best Of Breasts #3
Golden Nuggets #13 “Celebration” Today’s Art
Golden Nuggets #15 “Live & Slide” Today’s Art
Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith video 1989)

Giant tits model Susie SPARKS bra size

Friday, September 8th, 2017

It is unknown what bra size Susie Sparks actually was. She claimed in her first video that she wore two 50E bras over top one another. Her breasts are well beyond the measurements of 50E. Suzie SPARKS told her audience she wore two bras to compensate for the support that one could not. In the late 80s while Sparks was at her prime of modeling, the largest cup size available in department stores were probably nothing above a DDD or F cup (hence 50E) as they are still today in most US department stores. Even then DDD and F were rare at that time. Unless she was measured for a custom bra, which she had never mentioned in any interviews on video or magazine, Sparks wore 50Es.