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Preggo sex video – 4 Stunden Schwanger 1 DVD

Friday, December 30th, 2016

4 Stunden Schwanger 1 DVD :

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Pregnant women are extreme sex maniacs in 4 Stunden Schwanger 1. Completely unabashed and unashamed of their condition, these expectant mums show exactly how horny they can be in the latter stages of their pregnancy! Cast : pregnant pornstars, tania de vries,renee summers,milk maid,pregnant,bunny bleu,barbie dahl,vanessa sey,letha weapons

Preggo sex video – Best Of Schwanger 7 DVD

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Puaka Best Of Schwanger 7 DVD ;

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With their pregnant bellies and hunger for sex, the bitches in Best Of Schwanger 7 want a dose of hard cock agan before labour starts and their pussies really get sore. The glowing mum-to-be in the first scene isn’t happy with just one cock, she likes two suckable sticks – and so welcomes a tag teaming and a double helping of cream on her face and tits. With squirty cream sprayed on her oversized boobies, one pregnant babe giggles as her lover licks it off before moving his mouth down to her hot fanny. More cream, but this time on his dick, as she gleefully leans in to suck it clean before sticking her ass in the air for a rear entry pussy fucking. An extremely pregnant babe with huge areolas can’t wait to get black honey from her lover. She doesn’t want to miss out on his donkey dick just because she is with child, so after dragging his boxers off, the horny mummy gets to grips with his ebony love wand. After letting him eat her pussy, she braces herself for the onslaught of big black cock! They may be pregnant, but a baby bump isn’t going to stop these honies getting their daily dose of cock! Cast : pregnant pornstars,barbie dahl,vanessa sey,letha weapons,tania de vries,pregnant,renee summers,trinity loren

Preggo sex Puaka movie – Best Of Schwanger 5 DVD

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Puaka Best Of Schwanger 5 DVD ;

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The pot-bellied ladies in Best Of Schwanger 5 may be heavy with child, but with their hormones raging they are still horny as fuck and ache for a good pussy pounding. The blooming beauty in the opener isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her baby bump and heavy tits. With her hankering for squirty cream, she devours a big cock with lashings of the stuff sprayed all over it. Her pussy gets a thorough licking before she is nicely spit-roasted, taking a cock at each end and a double helping of man-cream. A ripe black babe is next, and her dark brown areolas are in stark contrast to her lighter skin. Her ebony lover licks those brown buttons before making his way to her fuzzy black pussy. Pulling her lips apart, he reveals the pink entrance and soon has his cock balls deep in her succulent honeypot. A delightful blonde MILF eagerly gives up her heavy tits for a massage and some nipple play and opens her legs for a finger and tongue probing. She returns the favour and drinks down thick cock before squeezing her oversized melons together and providing the perfect receptacle for a tit wank. But her pussy is aching to be fucked and get the hardness she desires. On the sofa and on the dining room table, she is pumped and plowed before her belly gets a warm dose of man-cream. If there’s no cock about to ease your pregnant yearnings, a like-minded pregnant friend will do the job just as well. Fingers open up dripping holes before tongues find erect nipples and clits and a mighty dildo finishes the job and takes these mums-to-be into orgasmic overdrive. These yummy mummies-to-be may be pregnant, but by no means does it impede their lovemaking. Four hours of radiant but extremely horny expectant mums who can’t get enough hard juicy cock! Fabulous! Cast : pregnant pornstars,barbie dahl,vanessa sey,letha weapons,tania de vries,pregnant

Preggo sex film – 4 Stunden Schwanger 2 DVD

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

4 Stunden Schwanger 2 DVD ;

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Heavily pregnant and getting fucked – just the way you like it. 4 Stunden Schwanger 2 is a four hour expectant mother extravaganza which features a feast of blooming mums who don’t let pregnancy get in the way of getting laid. Relaxing in the sun whilst pregnant is exactly what the doctor ordered, but this mum-to-be doesn’t want to relax – she wants cock. Not even one, but two! This fat-bellied babe is tagged and even double penetrated by her two studs in the garden. Wonder if she’s expecting twins? Settling back in the bath, a heavy with child babe rubs her swollen belly and lets her fingers slip between her legs. Whilst she brings herself off, her hung stud joins her. This expectant mum doesn’t believe in the softly softly touch just because she’s pregnant – she still wants it hard and rough. She certainly gets that and she gags when his cock is forced down her throat. Bending over and holding onto the taps, the babe offers up her pussy for a hard fucking, her big boobs bouncing with every thrust. Stepping out of the bath, she drops to her knees and milks her man dry. Every expectant mum needs a birthing partner or two and for one young couple, that includes the girl’s best pal. These girls share everything – including the boyfriends cock! Despite their large swollen bellies, milk laden boobies, and big dark areolas the expectant mums here are as hot and horny as ever. Pregnant action at its finest! Cast : pregnant pornstars, tania de vries,milk maid,pregnant,bunny bleu,barbie dahl,vanessa sey,letha weapons