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Horny teens Sylvia Lamo shows it all

Friday, January 6th, 2017


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color climax DVD – Teenage Bestsellers #252 – Tiny TOVE

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Teenage Bestsellers #252 :

color climax dvd

A cracking piece of revivalist raunch. The original cult-porno!

Six scenes of teens with older men featuring Tiny Tove Jensen – famous Swedish star of the day. Also known as ‘Tiny Tove’, she started work in the Adult film industry when she became 18-years-old. She’s pictured on the cover from Always Prepared.

Clubroom Capers
Three randy blokes spy on the women’s changing room, through the keyhole. When the girls come out of the shower they are so happy to have some hard cock waiting for them they jump on the guys with enthusiastic abandon.

Always Prepared
Two shiny-faced, young girl guides are selling lottery tickets. Dirty Tommy answers the door in his dressing gown, which easily falls open exposing himself to the young girls. He teaches them how to wank his dick and gets them to suck it, then generously invites his friend round to help deflower the virgins.

Special Service
A trendy Swede works in the Hi-Fi store. Feeling cool with his bellbottoms and beard he chats up two young female customers. When Sven and Gotfried deliver the speakers, the girls are more interested in getting laid and all four of them end up on the bed!

Goodbye Innocence
Two giggling young innocents see everything the couple next door are up to when they spy through the keyhole. Heidi is beautiful and her boyfriend is very well hung. The two girls are so turned on by what they see that they start to play with each other’s pussies and discover the joy of cunnilingus.

Bike Gang Ball
Drawn by the smell of leather and grease, two wild young girls ride with their biker boyfriends. Some hardcore skin mags make them all horny and they have sex on their motorbikes and get spunk in their hair.

Lucky Teacher
The study group starts getting rowdy when Lucy draws an ejaculating penis in her exercise book. The teacher finds his penis is the centre of attraction in what becomes a sucking master-class. His class assistant is also the focus of the girls’ teenage lust.

Includes: Fresh faced, enthusiastic teenage girls, older man with young girls, muff diving, natural breasts and unshaved pussies, two girls sucking one dick, cum in pussy/on breasts/belly, voyeurism, girl/girl 69, group sex.

Color climax DVD – Teenage Bestsellers #255

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Teenage Bestsellers #255 :

color climax dvd

Teenage 3-somes, one foursome.

Young Flesh
A girlish maid straightens her cap in the mirror then serves her randy boss with drinks and a taste of her pristine pussy. Two adolescent debutantes are delivered to the boss by the chauffeur who is in turn seen to by the maid… and that’s really just how it was in those days!

Stereo Seduction
Tender teens Lally and Jane bare all in front of each other and start kissing. Their moans of ecstasy attract Frank who watches them until he can’t help himself from joining in, jutting his rock-hard cock in their soft warm holes.

Horny Sports
Trude and Katja look so fresh in their tiny sports shorts with their little boobs bouncing, as they play tennis in the sun. Bearded Boris and trendy Tom would rather play another kind of ball game with the girls! Trude has shaved her pussy lips which are blushing beautifully as she slides down Tom’s pole. What a fabulous outdoor foursome.

King-Size Clit
Fledgling floosie Betty play-wrestles with Lars on the bed. She has a really bulbous clit which he bats about with his tongue. Lars shares her with his friend Marten for a teenage threesome. Betty gets completely sperm-drenched by the two boys.

French Fuckers
Wow, shorts were really short in the 70’s! Unbelievable that this pretty mademoiselle is walking around Paris in such a state of undress. Not surprisingly she and her more demure looking friend get taken home by a randy Frenchman for a good fucking.

Dildo Dolly
Suzette, Lena and Gerda have a lot of fun with a collection of dildos and fancy condoms. Their giggles turn to ecstatic gasps when they start getting sexual. Pale blonde Lena gets turned upside down and tongued all over her pinkness.

Includes: Fresh faced, enthusiastic teenage girls, older man with young girls, natural breasts and unshaved pussies, voyeurism, 5-some, ginger muff, 2 girls with 1 man, 2 men with one girl, big clit, cum on bottom/face/mouth/belly, anal tongue.

color climax DVD – Teenage Bestsellers #253

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Teenage Bestsellers #253 :

color climax dvd

The original Color Climax 1970’s cult-porno. Digitally remastered, it looks better than ever before!

Six scenes, groups

Photo Fuckers
Shy boy Eric is easily seduced by two naughty nymphs. Karen insists on photographing his stiff dick with Sophie sucking on it. The wicked girls make good use of his tool and soon have him cumming twice over!

Nympho Message. Featuring Esther.
Two teen temptresses in tight trousers trot over to Tom’s flat. His swollen snake is ready and waiting and the girls have never been hotter. Luckily Arnie shows up to take some of the heat and is pounced on eagerly. Fantastic cum shot!

Insatiable Girls
Jimmy impresses his two mates by getting on the blower to summon up a pair of sex-crazed babes. These slender girls dance around and strip before getting down to some serious group action.

Shagging Shoppers
Pubescent cuties Britta and Ulla walk into Tonio’s well-stocked sex shop and bare all in the back room for Leroy and his camera. Before long it is his telescopic trouser tool that gets the best close-up. Of course Tonio has to join in, which delights the promiscuous girls.

Paula’s Pleasure
Petite Paula writhes under the hands of the handsome blonde boy. She wants his mustached friend to join in. The girl is really hot and more than able to handle two guys at once. She pulls her pink slit open as they fuck her in the pussy and arse.

Tricky Trio
A charming brunette with big nipples and clit, masturbates in the bath not realising that her uncle has been spying on her. He introduces her to his dick, and they are joined by cousin Anneka.

Includes: Fresh-faced, enthusiastic teenage girls, older man with young girl tiny tove, natural breasts and unshaved pussies, interracial, 4/5-some, 2 girls with one man, 2 boys with one girl, stripy socks, anal sex, cum in pussy/mouth/face/back/bum/tits, voyeurism, finger fucking, older man with young girls.

Magmafilm porno DVD – Innocent at 18

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Innocent at 18 ;

magma film dvd

Studio: Magma
Original Title: Unschuldig mit 18
DVD format: PAL
Movie length: 96 m.
DVD languages: German, English, Italian.
Regional Code: 0 (Multizone).
Picture Format: 4:3 Standard-Screen.
Additional categories: teenagers, young girls, 18+ gilrs, lesbians, anal sex, oral sex
Directed by: Moli
Starring: Anja Juliette Laval, Christine Leval, Natasha, Birgit, Julianne, Jasmin, Maria, Zenza Raggi, Conny Dachs, Pierre Laval

Anja Juliette Laval in her first hardcore movie!
Only best girlfriend can help to lose innocence. She can say how to make it better and find first sexual partner!
This movie tell us about young 18 years old girls who have first experience in sex.

color climax DVD – Teenage Bestsellers #259

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Teenage Bestsellers #259 :

color climax dvd

If you have been loving porn for years, then you will really appreciate the re-appearance of this European cult genre.

Digitally re-mastered, they are a delight. Five shorts rolled into one unbroken hour of retro-pleasure. All the shows feature 3-way groups.

MERMAID MEETING A rosy-cheeked Danish teener writes in her diary about her naughty deeds on holiday… How a handsome photographer had taken her and her girlfriend back to his place for rampant sex and how all his sperm went up their noses as they flickered their tongues all over his dick.

FRISBEE FUCKERS A beautiful teeny (pictured on cover) in little, blue velvet hot-pants, gets waylaid by two pubescent boys. Taking her home they playfully start pulling at some pubic curls. She accommodates the pair of them with her divine bushy box…

TEACHER’S TRICKS Class is dismissed, but the teach is caught whacking off. A young blonde seductress gleefully sucks his staff; the rest of the class returns to join in!

EROTIC PEEPER A young couple invite an older guy into their bedroom to watch them fuck. Watching and wanking becomes unbearable so he joins in.

INCEST FAMILY While mama is getting in a lather in the shower, brother and sister play doctor and patient. The wicked mother also wants to play! The stud comes over their bodies as the women kiss.

Including: The original Euro Teenies, 2 girls/1 guy – 2 guys/1 girl, natural bodies, creamed pussy, group sex, young couple with mature man, voyeurism, soapy muff, incest, tan-lines.

color climax DVD – Teenage Bestsellers #251

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Teenage Bestsellers #251 :

color climax dvd

Original, 1970’s, Color Climax cult-porno!

Six scenes featuring teens with older men. Four Fresh Fuckers
Two, rosy-cheeked young lovelies in anoraks meet a pair of enthusiastic boys whilst out picking mushrooms. Once at home, sex breaks out as naturally as breathing. Skin-tight jeans are peeled off to reveal quivering furry quims. Sweet inexperienced mouths, stiff willies and thrusting hips all collide in ecstasy.

Banana Orgasmus
Pretty black girl Mina, chooses a big bunch of bananas. She peels and eats one so seductively that the greengrocer can’t help himself. Breathing heavily, he invites her to suck on his dick. He sticks a banana up her tight bottom making her cum. Mina’s big breasts ripple as she rides the grocer’s hard pink cock.

Photo Surprise
Photographers Troels and Freddy invite an innocent girl Tiny TOVE to model for them. She slips out of her cotton shirt to reveal her flawless pubescent breasts and spreads her legs to reveal her downy slit. She runs her tongue tentatively around Troels’ stiff prick. Two young floosies arrive and immediately join in for a five-way foray. The air is thick with flying sperm!

Fuck My Uncle. Featuring Esther.
Wicked teeny friends Emma and Lucy tongue wrestle delicately. Their giggles alert Lucy’s uncle Tommy whose dressing gown casually falls open allowing the little minxes to suck his penis. He endows them both with the benefit of his manly skills and equipment and sprinkles them with spunk.

Anal School Girl CHRISTA
Tina tries to resist when Simon and Lars jump on her, but the feel of their hot hands on her soft skin makes her pussy soaking wet. Lars laps at her pussy, then Simon slips his big dick in her pink asshole. Half crazy with lust she fucks both lucky guys until they explode over her.

Uncle Fucker
Leggy Inga finds inspiration in a porno magazine and begins to play with herself; rubbing her hot hole through her panties until her nipples jutt out like little tent pegs. Then her uncle knocks on the door, sees the porn mag and takes his chance. Whipping out his cock he fucks her soft blonde snatch.

Includes: Fresh faced, enthusiastic teenage girls, older man with young girls, natural breasts and unshaved pussies, some interracial, cum in cleavage/on face, anal banana, soapy play, cotton panties, anal sex.