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80s sex MOVIE – Dangerous When Wet

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Dangerous When Wet from 1987

Genre: 3 Way,Orgy,Boy/Girl,Girl/Girl,Facial
Stars: Amber Lynn,Jerry Butler,Buck Adams,Bionca,Jeanette Littledove,Buddy Love,Leslie Winston.

It’s wet, hot lust and these x-rated superstars get into sex-drenched situations. Jerry Butler & Bionca need more stimulation to spice up their marriage. They encounter a swinging couple, Buck Adams & Jeanette Littledove, as well as a try anything jogger – Leslie Winston. The blonde goddess of eroticism, Amber Lynn, treats the men to some heavy duty satisfaction in a sizzling ménage-a-trois – you soon won’t forget. It’s an orgy of excitement that’s only as dangerous as your wettest fantasy!

80s porn VCX DVD – Amber Lynn’s Desires

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Amber Lynn’s Desires :

Amber Lynn

Stars: Amber Lynn,Mai Lin,Joey Silvera,Tom Byron,Jerry Butler,Kevin James,Mike Horner,Hershel Savage.

Like the song says, “I can’t get no satisfactions,” …and neither can luscious Amber Lynn. This dazzling temptress is so frustrated about coming up with a big “o” in the “Big Oh!” Department” that she’s gone into therapy for a serious session of erotic explorations entitled AMBER’S DESIRES. What triggered this “dry spell?” Well, amber recounts a downpour of torrid tales to her sex-shrink who’s more than all ears. Was it the eager young kid who came faster than the phone bill… or the hard-up married man who worried more about making money than making Amber? Then there was the wild carnal competition with two hung honchos that left the score. Guys 2 – Amber 0. And even a hot girl-girl encounter couldn’t seem to lick the problem. So what’s a girl to do? The good doctor has a plan that soon has amber batting 1000… demonstrating some of the best medicines don’t have to come from the pharmacy!

80s porn DVD – New Swedish Erotica Vol. 091 – Shauna Grant

Friday, September 30th, 2016

New Swedish Erotica Vol. 091 :

shauna grant porn dvd

Stars: Ron Jeremy,Shauna Grant,Joey Silvera,Tiffany Clark,Hyapatia Lee,Eric Edwards,Jerry Butler,Kevin James,Paul Thomas,Janey Robbins,Marc Wallice,Lili Marlene,Mona Page,David Cannon.

Featuring the following scenes
•Captured In The Middle East
•Sex Kitchen
•Night of Romance
•Wedding Night
•Perfect Body
•Love Me Hard
•Great Time
•The Difference

retro sex MOVIE – Hot Box Invasion (1986)

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Hot Box Invasion (1986) :

Cast: Bambi Allen, jerry Butler, Billy Dee, Nina Hartley, Jodie Hooper,taija Rae,Joey Silvera.

Description: When Les (Billy Dee) buys a VCR from Charlie (Joey Silvera) and Vicki (Nina Hartley), they give him a tape to try out. Soon Les and his wife Linda (Taija Rae) are transformed into the perfect loving couple. They pass the tape onto their neighbors Ken (Jerry Butler) and Sue (Bami Allen) who are also changed. But when Marcy (Jodie Hooper) and Susan (Megan Daniels) watch it, things really heat up.